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Is IstanbulDMC a licensed tour operator in Türkiye?

Yes, Istanbul DMC is a licensed tour operator. We specialize in consulting and arranging quality biblical tours for Christians, Churches, Bible colleges and seminaries, although. We can also arrange many other different programs.

What makes your Türkiye tour packages as popular and quality?

There are six important points that can make for a top-quality Türkiye tour package;

1- A licensed and experienced Local tour operator.

2- Perfect tour itinerary.

3- Quality hotels and food.

4- New dependable A/C vehicles (bus or van).

5- Personable and knowledgeable licensed tour guides.

6- An experienced safe driver.

Can we get our Flight tickets, hotel reservations and transportation services throe from your travel agency?

Yes, we are member of IATA and we can arrange all international & domestic flight tickets.

Do we need travel insurance?

Travel insurance is highly recommended. We can also arrange travel insurance for you at an extra cost through Visa, Master or Amex.

Do you give any Free for tour organizer?

You will get one free for each groups over 24 pax. (not including airline flights)

How professional are your tour guides in Turkey?

All our guides are experienced, educated and licensed Turkish guides. It is a Turkish law that all tours must be led by a licensed guide. Also there are very few Christian guides, we use professional Turkish guides that have been trained in biblical Turkey, and who have led many Christian groups.

How physically demanding are Turkey tours?

You will stand and walk a lot (often on uneven surfaces and hills) in Turkey. Although we assist with your luggage, it is important that you are physically able to carry your luggage (pack light!). Depending on the time of year, it can also be quite hot in Turkey.

What are your hotel categories?

We use 4 and 5 star hotels depending on the location. However, for customized tours we can arrange for any type of hotel you desire. 

How are your transportation vehicles?

We only work with professional transportation companies who use only new dependable A/C buses or vans depending on the size of group.

Do you have any emergency contact in your travel agency?

We provide you emergency contact number with English & French speaking staff 7/24 during your tour.

Do you have any other itineraries for other countries?

Yes, we can arrange tours combine with Greece and other countries in conjunction with a tour to Turkey.

Which time of the year is the best to visit Turkey?

We have four seasons in Turkey. However, it actually depends on your preferences and itinerary. Many people like the spring (April through June) and fall (September through November) as the weather in general is good. However, Western Turkey usually has decent weather and pleasant temperatures most of the year. And of course, if you want to enjoy the waters of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, the summer is best. It is from November through March that you will usually get the best prices for air flights and touring Turkey.

Do US and Canadian citizenships need a visa to enter Turkey?

Yes. Tourist visas are required for most countries in order to enter Turkey. We can provide you the cost for your country of origin. United States citizens will pay approximately $20 for a single entry visa on arrival at the airport or throw from the web site which is good for 90 days. If you are a U.S. citizen there is no need to secure one prior to flying to Turkey.

Do US and Canadian citizenships need a passport to enter Turkey?

Yes. Make sure that your passport will not expire while in Turkey. We suggest you make two photo copies of your passport in case you lose it. Take one along with you to Turkey, and leave one at home.

Is it safe to make a tour in Turkey?

Of course we cannot eliminate all risks but compared to many countries in the world, Turkey is a safe and hospitable country to visit as a tourist. Crime is quite low and Turkish people are usually friendly and warm to tourists.

How warm is Turkey’s relationship with America and the West?

Turkey is a democratic country, a member of NATO and has good relations with America & Canada and the West.

Can you organize conferences in Turkey for Churches and other organizations?

Yes, we can arrange conference logistics for all size of your groups.